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Reading: Rickettsioses in Sri Lanka – A mini review


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Rickettsioses in Sri Lanka – A mini review


Veranja Liyanapathirana

Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, LK
About Veranja
Department of Microbiology
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Rickettsioses are a group of vector-borne diseases that have come to the limelight in Sri Lanka during the last two decades. Evidence for spotted fever group rickettsioses, scrub typhus and other related diseases have been reported from Sri Lanka in a geographically restricted manner.  This review summarizes the work done locally, that are publicly accessible as of 24th November 2018 with keyword searches ‘rickettsioses and Sri Lanka’, and ‘typhus and Sri Lanka’, on PubMed and Google Scholar. There is a considerable body of literature on rickettsioses in Sri Lanka, particularly as a result of collaborations with international research groups. These indicate that rickettsioses are found throughout the country, in a geographically restricted manner.
How to Cite: Liyanapathirana, V., 2019. Rickettsioses in Sri Lanka – A mini review. Sri Lankan Journal of Infectious Diseases, 9(1), pp.1–12. DOI:
Published on 26 Apr 2019.
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