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Reading: A Case of Diphtheria


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A Case of Diphtheria


Rohitha Jayamaha

Consultanat Physician, DGH Monaragala, LK
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Diphtheria is a nearly eradicated disease in Sri Lanka. After introduction of EPI vaccination program in 1978 childhood diphtheria has been eradicated. However sporadic cases of adult diphtheria  have been  reported  among the non-immunised adult population. Classical presentation of active severe exudative pharyngitis, and cervical adenitis  associated with acute  neurological deficit with clinical response to anti-diphtheria toxin makes adult diphtheria a probable clinical diagnosis in the patient. However, isolation of Corynebacterium  diphtheriae from the throat of a patient is required for definitive diagnosis. The need for a prepared laboratory system is discussed.


Sri Lankan Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol.1(1) 2011:27-31

How to Cite: Jayamaha, R., 2011. A Case of Diphtheria. Sri Lankan Journal of Infectious Diseases, 1(1), pp.27–31. DOI:
Published on 27 Jul 2011.
Peer Reviewed


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