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Reading: Candida auris: A brief review


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Candida auris: A brief review


LSM Sigera ,

Medical Research Institute, LK
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MN Jayawardena,

National Cancer Institute, LK
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H Thabrew,

Medical Research Institute, LK
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PI Jayasekera

Medical Research Institute, LK
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Candida auris is an emerging fungal pathogen that has caused global concern because of its multidrug-resistant nature and ability to cause uncontrollable nosocomial outbreaks. It is frequently misidentified as other Candida species by routine laboratory procedures, necessitating modern molecular diagnostic techniques for diagnosis. A relatively high mortality rate associated with this organism highlights the validity of implementation of strict infection control and preventive measures in the presence of infected or colonized patients.

How to Cite: Sigera, L., Jayawardena, M., Thabrew, H. and Jayasekera, P., 2020. Candida auris: A brief review. Sri Lankan Journal of Infectious Diseases, 10(1), pp.2–8. DOI:
Published on 30 Apr 2020.
Peer Reviewed


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